I've been watching Young Justice a lot lately, and before we knew there was another Supanova coming very very soon I thought I could make a Cheshire costume just for the hell of it. It doesn't seem too overly complicated, no wigs would be needed since I'm getting my hair extensions back in next week.

I won't be making this for Supanova, but I will be making this afterwards, just for fun!

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What appealed to me about this costume is the simplicity. Her weapons are sais, which my husband Tim already owns!

Let's start with the mask! It's a white cat-skull shaped mask, ears and cheekbones are very defined, darklenses cover the eyes and there is a massive cheshire grin. There is a re strip down the forehead and two stripes on each cheek.

I would absolutely definitely make this out of papier mache. It'd be cheap, I could sand it down if it came out too bupy or smooth a layer of clay over the top of it. It would be easy to paint and light to wear and carry. Thinking about using an old pair of sunglasses for the lenses, as opposed to a mesh fabric or something like that.

Underneath her kimono she wears a black skin tight under shirt. It comes up her neck and over her arms and hands like gloves. I'm assuming it's the same on both sides, but the inside of her upper arm is bare. Instead of drafting a pattern of epicness, I'd take the parts where there are grey sections and use them as seam lines to join up pieces, making grey piping of sorts as the lines.

On the left wrist is one band of green and another around the hand, on the right wrist is three bands of green and two around the hand [Seen best in the first pic of this post].

Her main outfit is a green kimono, wrapped across the front and tied at the waist by a lighter green obi belt. The  kimon hits her mid-thigh. The  left sleeve has a cut out on the shoulder to show the black armour [?]

The left sleeve has been torn away, leaving that whole arm bare with some torn fabric on the shoulder.

Around her waist, over her obi belt is a black utility belt. It has holsters for her sais and in the centre back is what I think is a place where two short daggers are kept?

On her legs are knee high armoured boot things, but I would make them like knee-high socks out of the same fabric as the undershirt. The have grey kneepads of sorts on the knees, and grey around the ankles too.

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