Trash Ballerina was the result of myself, Max, wanting somewhere to blog about all the costumes I dreamed of making. If I don't make the costume [I will be doing more tutorials and step by step photos] I will break down the costume and find links, patterns, techniques and fabrics so you know how you can go about it!

I've been sewing since I was about 8 years old. My mum sewed almost everything we wore as children and she taught my sister and I how to do it ourselves! I also went to fashion school and learned pattern drafting amongst other amazing things!

Itsa me! Maxio!
I'm a giant nerd, mostly DC Comics [mainly the Batman world, Justice League and Green Lantern] but I'm starting to learn more about the Marvel universe too. I also love Star Wars a whole lot too!

I have a main website blog where I write tutorials and blog about the things I sew! You can find it at Max California.

I'm joined now by friend and partner-in-crime in the forays of comic books and DIY adventures, Emily!

She has just started a DIY blog also but there is nothing on it! I'll link to it when it's all pretty and ready!

This is her upside-down face