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Alice's Red Dress in Alice in Wonderland
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Kate said...

anything from tim burtons alice in wonderland!

Eve said...

Something from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!
Could you be any more awesome? YOU ROCK...I love your ideas!!

Emmaline Rainbobulous said...

One of Mimi Marquez's outfits from Rent. One of the trashy ones - not the totally skanky ones!

Mel said...

Anything from Crybaby would be pretty wicked. I really like what you have going here, please keep it up. :)

Julia said...

it would be great, if you would do something about Sin city (either alexis bledel's odr jessica alba's costume)

btw, I can't acces "Queen of the trailer park" it's said that I need an invitation from you to do so, but I'd like to suggest an idea for another tutorial.

Cheers, Julia