Mera Hair

My red wig arrived last week! It's so long and pretty, I wish it were my real hair and I could wear it every day!

I bought it from an eBay seller for $17 with free shipping :) Very good deal!

So I took it out of the package, fluffed it out a little, put on my Aquaman tee and snapped a few quick pics with my phone. Hit the jump for more pics


The New 52 Mera

With all the reinventions of Mera's outfit over the years, it was hard to choose just one to recreate! I like them all. Maybe one day I will make more, but with Supanova exactly one month away now I need to focus!

I like the more modern style of Mera's suit, all one colour with the long sleeves, so I decided to go with the brand new version of her suit in DC's New 52!

Since the relaunch has only just happened, and Aquaman #1 came out just last week, this makes it super hard for me as the #2 comes out one week before Supanova! In the first issue, Mera was in it [yey!], but she was wearing a green dressing gown for the panels she was in.

I squealed when I saw her
The only reference pictures I have are the upcoming covers of Aquaman #3...



I've been watching Young Justice a lot lately, and before we knew there was another Supanova coming very very soon I thought I could make a Cheshire costume just for the hell of it. It doesn't seem too overly complicated, no wigs would be needed since I'm getting my hair extensions back in next week.

I won't be making this for Supanova, but I will be making this afterwards, just for fun!

Hit the jump for details


SupaNova the Sequel!

We'd known there was a second SupaNova this year, in November, but we thought it was just the Madman Cosplay Competition. We were going to go to watch, but not compete or dress up too much or anything.

Until yesterday.

I found out that the second SupaNova was in fact another full blown comic convention! Christopher Lloyd was supposed to come earlier this year but had cancelled. Apparently he organised it so he would come this November. GREAT SCOTT!

You can find out all the details on the Supanova website, but basically it's November 4-6 for us Brisbane kids.

Do you know what this means?

A frantic month an a half of costume making! I will not be redonning my Harley suit, I want to mix it up, but one of my best friends will be wearing it!

Crazed text messages were sent yesterday and most of the afternoon and evening was spent organising who was going to be what and when. I'm very happy that this time a lot of my friends have decided to join in the fun of dressing up!

Coming up over October will be posts on the ideas and progress we make on our costumes. I'm joined on this blog now my friend Emily, so I'm looking forward to seeing her posts too!

Click the jump below for a quick write up of who we'll be going as!


St Trinians: Head Girl

I had never seen the original before I saw this movie, but I loved their outfits!

I love the basics of the white shirt, navy blazers and skirts and the light blue/navy striped tie.

The Head Girl, Kelly, was my favourite. She was effortless! Her outfit consisted of a waisted navy pencil skirt, it has several buttons down the centre front and stops just on her knee. Kelly wears a white button-up collared shirt, the sleeves are short and cuffed. They're also slightly puffed.

She wears a light-blue/grey and navy diagonally striped tie. She wears thin black stockings and heeled Mary Jane shoes. In some scenes she wears a black collar with a silver padlock dangling off it

In other shots she has a necklace that looks like barbed wire.

I really love the preppy look!
All screencaps from Glass Ballerina


Catwoman Costume

Another costume I'll be working on, is Catwoman! There are so many different styles of costume that have been portrayed. I love the Michelle Pfieffer one in Batman Returns, but it's not what I want. I want the comic book Catwoman!

I want the Selina Kyle with the short black hair and huge goggles!


Mera Costume

So I have decided I'm just going to make a tonne of costumes of whoever I want, and find reasons to wear them later. At the moment I'm girl-crushing on Mera, Queen of the Sea.

Mera is the wife of Arthur Curry, Aquaman! I love their love and I'm starting to grow quite fond of her, even if she is a bit cray cray at times.

Harley Quinn, Pleased t' meet ya!

I realised I have neglected to put up my full costume on this blog! Well here's the result of my Harley Quinn costume adventures in March!

It was so much fun. I'd only lost a little bit of weight and I am a lot thinner now, but I still felt confident in this body hugging spandex!

Hit the jump below to see more pics!


Harley Quinn: Day 1

So I cut out most of the pieces yesterday, and had a grand old time. NOT. Just a reminder I'm using this AWESOME pattern by Holly Messinger. She posts it to you so none of that printing stuff out and trying to tape it all together. It comes on two huge sheets with written instructions and a diagram so you can make sure you're doing the right colour blocking.

This is the most complex thing I have ever made I think. The concentration needed to make sure you're cutting out the right colour and stitching it the right way, FULL ON.

So I started with the funner stuff first, deciding to leave the bodysuit til last. I started with the Booties!

So cute. A bit frustrating because they don't have any lining and if I DO pull them apart like I am thinking about, I will add some lining so the batting isn't straight on my foot. They are so fun though. A bit tricky around the ankle trying to make it sit right, and if I get the chance I will definitely be redoing it.

Both booties without the cuffs on yet!


Harley Quinn

More Supanova costuming goodness!

I have loved Harley Quinn forever. I mean that almost quite literally. I saw her on tv once before school doing her flips and cute tricks and just fell in love. I have loved her longer than my Batman obsession even begun! Now that I have mastered the art of wearing contact lenses [okay maybe I haven't, my sister has to put them in but my eyes freak out no more!] and have blonde hair I think the time has finally come for me to dress up as the cutest, ditziest villain ever.

cuuuute Harley Quinn costume!