Catwoman Costume

Another costume I'll be working on, is Catwoman! There are so many different styles of costume that have been portrayed. I love the Michelle Pfieffer one in Batman Returns, but it's not what I want. I want the comic book Catwoman!

I want the Selina Kyle with the short black hair and huge goggles!

I was thinking of using pvc but was a little anxious because pvc is horrible to sew. I thought perhaps black lycra would still look slinky and shin and would be good enough [Plus I already have experience sewing with lycra now] Then I realised I didn't care, I want this to be awesome. So I found this 4-way stretch pvc and I knew I was golden!

Black Stretch PVC from MJ Trends - $10.99/yard.

 Again I can use my Harley Quinn bodysuit pattern I bought, modifying it slightly by eliminating the waist seam and making it all in one [and obviously no colour blocking]. Click here to read my suggestions for bodysuits and patterns

This statue really shows off the costume well! The cat buckle on her 'belt' is adorable. Her whip is curled around her as a belt and dangles down at the back as a tail. CUTE!

I love the flat-heeled  motorcycle boots over the high-heeled boots [pictured below] that she is sometimes portrayed wearing. How the hell is she supposed to scale walls and scamper across rooftops in heels?


I LOVE this costume though. So much. I love the texture on it. You really need to click the picture to see the enlarged version to be able to see all the details. This is the art from the upcoming Arkham City game [which I'm super stoked about by the way]. I'm tempted to do a version like this too, with all the panels. It's a more leather look too, which I don't know if I could deal with, but it looks amaing!

These boots are pretty cool, but I was thinking of just looking at the local shoe shops for flat boots, cutting them down if they are too tall and then making a boot strap of sorts to go around it with the buckle on it.

The only think I can see myself having problems with is the hood and goggles! Which I will be saving for another post :)

With the goggles, I could try messing around with things like clay or paper mache or something, but I could just cave and get these for $55 at comic-props.com. We'll see!

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Kate said...

love it! cant wait to see you in action with your sewing and preparations :)