St Trinians: Head Girl

I had never seen the original before I saw this movie, but I loved their outfits!

I love the basics of the white shirt, navy blazers and skirts and the light blue/navy striped tie.

The Head Girl, Kelly, was my favourite. She was effortless! Her outfit consisted of a waisted navy pencil skirt, it has several buttons down the centre front and stops just on her knee. Kelly wears a white button-up collared shirt, the sleeves are short and cuffed. They're also slightly puffed.

She wears a light-blue/grey and navy diagonally striped tie. She wears thin black stockings and heeled Mary Jane shoes. In some scenes she wears a black collar with a silver padlock dangling off it

In other shots she has a necklace that looks like barbed wire.

I really love the preppy look!
All screencaps from Glass Ballerina


Miss Peregrin said...

I've never seen the original either, but I loved this version. The outfits were kickass! My favourite was the head girl also. She does the high-waisted thing so well.

Kate said...

remember the movie The Craft? Similar sort of thing with the costumes! love it!