Mera Hair

My red wig arrived last week! It's so long and pretty, I wish it were my real hair and I could wear it every day!

I bought it from an eBay seller for $17 with free shipping :) Very good deal!

So I took it out of the package, fluffed it out a little, put on my Aquaman tee and snapped a few quick pics with my phone. Hit the jump for more pics

 What do you think? Can I be a good Mera? [I even flipped my nose ring up, that's dedication!]

 To see more of my Mera costume plan of attack, check out the Mera tag


Kate said...

gorgeous! it really suits you!!

mouse said...

aww its gorgeous! my hair is that colour but i cant seem to get it that long, maybe i should try out a wig too :p

Lyosha said...

what a cool top! love it!
and it was actually a bargain!

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P.S. I'm your newest follower. your blog is charming