Hi there!

This is just an introductory post to house my obsession of costuming. Ever since I realised fashion wasn't all about what the newest trends in the glossy magazines told me ((Which I didn't care for anyway!)), I've been obsessed with the idea of costumes.

I studied fashion, but didn't really think of anywhere to go other than have my label. Now I've moved back to my hometown with my husband and my beautiful little tot, The Monster, and there's nowhere really for me to study or further my costuming love. So instead, I created this blog. I'll fill it with costumes I would LOVE to recreate, as well as ideas on how I would do it.

Hope you enjoy!


Krista said...

Oooo, thank you! I love costumes. Even when I dress for real life I somewhat costume. Hmm, hard to get the concept across over the internet, because I'm not usually super flashy, but more like, "Today I'm going to dress like a punk," or, "Today I'm going to dress country-western," or, "Today I'm going to dress like a competent adult."

ANYWAY, thank you for posting this, it's fun to see what it takes to recreate a costume.

Max California said...

I'm glad you love it Krista! I'm very excited about all this!

I love the way you think! i don't have a set style, but I would LOVE to wear more costumey things!