Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" Outfit #1

I really love Gwen Stefani. I know her music has changed dramatically since No Doubt days, but even that band evolved. Regardless, I love her and I love what she does. Good on her anyway!

Today I'm going to break down her outfits in the Rich Girl music video featuring Eve.
It was so damn hard to find pics of the filmclip, so I ended up manualy capping it myself. Aren't you lucky!
I do apologise for the quality. If anyone can point me to a RAD automatic screencapper I'd love it, I've tried a few and they just sucked balls. So I just had to print screen and photoshop!

The first outfit I'm going to call Swab The Deck, for no real reason. It's super cute and I really love it when she wears slouch beanies, it really suits her.

In this outfit, she wears a moss green beanie, pulled back so it slouches at the back of her head. She is wearing a brown Adidas jacket [you can tell because of the three white stripes on the sleeves] with the sleeves pushed up and a big silver and diamond coloured brooch over the Adidas logo on the front.


Underneath the jacket Gwen wears a white singlet, cropped and a big pendant necklace on a fat chain.

She's also wearing argyle patterned wool leggings in brown and khaki green underneath what I can only describe as a leather holster. I have no idea what the actually are but I've actually got a photo saved in my inspiration folder of somethign similar. It goes around your body like a pair of hipster bikini bottoms with a belt and holsters. Anyway, regardless of whatever it is called, it looks awesome!

She's wearing some cute white and grey high-top trainers too

Rest of the outfits coming soon!

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Kathryn said...

Nice tutorial.

Hard to believe Gwen is over 40.