Harley Quinn: Day 1

So I cut out most of the pieces yesterday, and had a grand old time. NOT. Just a reminder I'm using this AWESOME pattern by Holly Messinger. She posts it to you so none of that printing stuff out and trying to tape it all together. It comes on two huge sheets with written instructions and a diagram so you can make sure you're doing the right colour blocking.

This is the most complex thing I have ever made I think. The concentration needed to make sure you're cutting out the right colour and stitching it the right way, FULL ON.

So I started with the funner stuff first, deciding to leave the bodysuit til last. I started with the Booties!

So cute. A bit frustrating because they don't have any lining and if I DO pull them apart like I am thinking about, I will add some lining so the batting isn't straight on my foot. They are so fun though. A bit tricky around the ankle trying to make it sit right, and if I get the chance I will definitely be redoing it.

Both booties without the cuffs on yet!

So tonight I sewed up the booties, most of the hood [!] and 99% of the suit!! All that needs to be done are the socks, the horns on the hood and the zippers on the hood and suit. Oh yeh and the gloves.

Red Bootie

Both Booties!

Sole of the bootie


Miss Peregrin said...

Those booties are super cute! I want a pair for my normal everyday wardrobe, hahaha. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Holly said...

Hey! thanks for the plug. That's a good idea about lining the booties, too, I shall make a note about it in the instructions. Ta!


Kate said...

so cool max!! loving it!