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So I have decided I'm just going to make a tonne of costumes of whoever I want, and find reasons to wear them later. At the moment I'm girl-crushing on Mera, Queen of the Sea.

Mera is the wife of Arthur Curry, Aquaman! I love their love and I'm starting to grow quite fond of her, even if she is a bit cray cray at times.

Her costume these days is a basic bodysuit made from green fish scale-print fabric

She has a cute golden three-pointed crown and gold earrings.

After searching for a few hours online, I finally found a fabric I think would work for the suit. Originally I found this zentai suit, and I LOVE the printed on scales, but unfortunately I could not find the fabric at all.

Click to see it huge
Then I found this laser cut fabric, but in every colour EXCEPT green. I was talking to my mentor Cyan Reign and she suggested getting a high quality green spandex and sitting with a rotary cutter and cutting out semi-circles by hand.

Then I looked a little harder and found what I wanted!

Green laser cut spandex at Spandexworld - $14/yard.

Cyan suggested lining it in a teal colour, which is an amazing idea. I'll be using this fabric most likely.

Satin Spandex in teal at Spandexworld - $10/yard. I think together it will give a really pretty irridescent shimmery under-the-sea colour!

The bodysuit I will just use my existing Harley Quinn pattern I bought, omitting the waist and centre front seams. The pattern fits me well and I know how to use it! Looking online, a lot of sewing pattern companies don't seem to offer bodysuit patterns anymore, but you if you look for Butterick 6319 on Etsy or eBay you might find a good second hand one! At the time of this blog post I found this one. And there was also some on eBay.

Another option is to get this, the Kwik Sew Swim and Action Wear book. I have this *somewhere* and I need to check if there are full bodysuits. I know there is leggings and snug-fitting tops which wouldn't be too hard to join together at the waist.

I haven't thought much about the crown or a trident yet!

The best part of her costume is her feet I swear! I depends on which version you do, but at first I thought, "how in the hell will I walk in flippers?"

Click to see bigger
I might just do like a pair of tights all in one with the suit, but I'm contemplating the flipper feet! Obviously I won't use real flippers, but I could use foam or heavy interfacing and make webbed feet on the inside of the suit. I think it would be a cute feature!

And hey look, Aquababy! Too bad he was killed by Black Manta

Nawww. Lovers!

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The Cosplay Scion has made a super cute version with the white collar halterneck. I'm considering it, although I like the feel of the full bodysuit!
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