Kerli's black FIDM Exhibit Dress

Haha I love how dorky this pose looks. What a cutie. This was at the FIDM opening night of the Alice in Wonderland Exhibit.

This dress is pretty amazing. It's a strapless dress, not sure if the lace is joined to it or a long-sleeve top worn underneath. The lace part has scalloped lace for the neck, which is usually on the edges of any length of lace you can buy.

 On the shoulder is a black bow with a pearl in the centre. Behind the bow is teddy bear head, I think it's a Care Bear? It looks like it has been spraypainted gold also.

The dress is black satin/silk ((I'm sorry, I don't sew with either so I can't tell them apart. I prefer raw silk! If it's shiny, it's satin/silk to me! ahah)) with black pvc strim down over the panel lines. I'd say the panel lines are actually channels with boning through them. It has a black ruffled trim with black pvc ribbon stitched over it in a sweetheart neckline.

As you can see in the top picture, the top layer of the skirt is like 'petals'. I drew up a little sketch of what I think the dress looks like ((without the teddybears or lace top section)).

 Boning ((most likely plastic)) is probably inserted in the hem of the skirt, to make it shaped. I think it's an awesome idea, and I'm very keen on trying it out! The skirt has little diamantes or tiny flat-backed pearly beads sprinkled all over it, you could totally do this with pearly fabric paint though.

The under skirt is mass and mass amounts of soft black tulle, graduating from the shortest lengths at the top to longer lengths on the bottom layers. I'd do this bit in sections, maybe gathering up four or five layers of tulle at a time, then stitching them all together at the end. You could also make this as a seperate underskirt, so you could wear it on it;s own if you liked!

At the waist she has two more teddy bear heads, also spray-painted gold. They have black ribbon bows, one on its ear and one as a bowtie, and are attached directly to the dress. So cute.

Her shoes are really pretty black ruffled heels, I've seen similar that are Louis Vuitton, but you can get knock-offs nearly everywhere. She's teamed these shoes with little lace booties!

Check out, totally cute! So easy to DIY. I don't LOVE the ones shown here ((click for the tutorial)), but it's a good start. I think I just don't like the bulk of them. If you got stretch lace, it might fit a bit better around your foot.

Kerli accessories with satin armwarmers to match her dress and a massive silver filigree-type ring with a pink rose cobachon setoff with a small diamante/swarovski crystal.

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Thera Joyce said...

OMG. I love this dress. It's amazing. I think Kerli is so adorable too.