Leeloo Dallas Multipass

"She knows it's a Multipass!"

Leeloo Dallas Multipass, the Fifth Element, the Supreme Being. She is a character from the cult classic The Fifth Element also starrig everybody's favurite action hero Bruce Willis.

Leeloo only wears a few outfits during the movie, I only have screencaps for two of them and I can't remember if there were others. If there were, hit me up!

The first outfit we see Leeloo in is this racy little elastic number. You could make this out of any t-shirt fabric, or lycra, as long as it is stretchy so it can fit snug across your body. I'd say to start with the knickers! Plain white knickers you could buy or DIY. Then add a wide strip down the outside of either leg to just above your knee. A band goes around your thigh, and one lower down above your knee. Attach these to the outside strip.

From the waistline of the knickers, attach a wide strip to hit you right up onto the clavicle. Make a neckband for your neck, it looks a bit v-shaped in the photo below. Stitch this to the middle verticle strip.

Then you need a band wide enough to cover your nipples! Make this one super snug, but not too tight that you will be in pain. This is the most important band, you do not want this one moving around! Another band goes around the waist.

In this one you can really see that the band around her neck is in a slightly rounded V shape.

You don't ever really see the back of this, well I can't find a screencap of it anyway. I'd say it would just be open, with the bands from the bust and waist continuing around the back. If the bands move too much you could do another strip like the one at the front running down your spine.

The second outfit is just awesome. Leeloo wears the well-known orange silicon suspenders. it would be amazing if you could find orange rubber anywhere, but if you can't and you still want to DIY just try getting any fabric that is orange that stretches well for you. You can also buy this suspender-type dealio if you want. A quick google search gives you several places!

Just me or does Leeloo's suspenders remind you of Borat's mankini?

Less hair though.

She wears this suspender over a white cropped tee. Try and find a fabric that has white on white stripes to it, even if it's a really fat rib, it will work well.

Her pants are gold, and go all the way down to her ankles/boots. They have black piping down the centre of each leg. There's also piping about 5cm above and below the knee. The waistband is probably just a fold-over band, made out of black fabric.

The Little Things
Don't forget the four elements tattooed to your wrist! In my searching, I actually found someone who has this tattooed on them. Hells Yeah.

If you don't want to go all out and get tattooed, you could use henna a few days/weeks before you actually wanted to BE Leeloo, dotting it on with a toothpick The henna will fade and leave you with something similar to this.

Leeloo's hair is dyed flurescent orange. If you want vibrancy, I'd go with Manic Panic or Special Effects brand hair dyes. Speaking as someone who dyes her hair every othe rmonth a different colour, these colours work! Make sure that your roots are bleached to a bright white ((should already happen)) so that they are a brighter yellow colour almost.

Her hair isn't dredlocked, but it's close. Twist strands of hair with hair gel and rub your fingers up and down them to mess them up a little.
Photo Sources - Google Images

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Miss Peregrin said...

I love Leeloo! Your costuming blogs are making me want to have a costume party.

Krista said...

This has been too much fun. Thanks for all the great costume ideas.

superh2ogirl said...

I LOVE Leeloo! Thanks so much for doing a post on it! Loveeee itt!

gidget marauder said...

can you link to anywhere to purchase the orange suspenders? i cant find any to buy in this sea of cosplay