Repo! Shilo's White Nightdress

Well I think it's a nightie anyway. She wears it to bed alot, and wears it often when she is at home. I know if I was always sick and locked in my room I'd probably live in my pjs also. Click the pics to make them MASSIVE.

I'm so in love with this dress. It's ridiculously short. I love how simple it is, and how she often layers things under it. Not gonna lie, I bought thigh-high black socks just to recreate this look.

It's just a basic shift dress with a yoke. The yoke has been embroidered and the dress is slightly gathered from there. The sleeves are simple cap sleeve with a bit of a puff. You could stitch elastic around the hem of the sleeve to make it gathered there.

Shilo layers her dress over pretty tops. The first one is shown in the pictures above. It looks to be a sheer sleeveless top in a beige colour. It also has ornate embroidery across the chest of it. If you look closely it also looks like it's been cut out, and it has some pinky satin behind it? Zoomed in I'm unsure if the neck is attached or if it is a seperate neckpiece. Either way it's the same pinky satiny-silk that's under the embroidery, just ruffled up. It's been trimmed with dark dusky red velvet ribbon. I can't see if it's just the frayed slevedge of the pink fabric at the top, but I'd say it's prolly some sort of lacey trim.

lol baldcap

 The second scene where she wears this shift dress is when Blind Mag comes to visit her. She's got it layered over a black top. I'd like to say that the sleeves are seperate. They could be arm-warmers or a long-sleeved lace top worn underneath a plain black sleeves blouse with a high-neck. The neck is ruffled. This movie has quite a dark look to it filming-wise, so it's hard to see black on black detailing.

 In this screencap you can see the sleeves better, they're a stretch lace, but the part that goes over the hand could possibly be a seperate piece? It's quite furry. It is cut into a v-shape on the back of her hand and goes around her middle finger with some thin black hat-elastic.

so cute!

The Little Things
Shilo always has to wear this beautiful long black wig ((because her sickness/meds make her hair fall out and she's bald as a baby's butt under there)) of which I am intensely jealous. She also always has her nails painted black and always wear this wide wristwatch sort thing which is like a mobile phone of the future ^.^

 In the second scene where she wears this dress, she wears over-the-knee black socks with it. I love that look so much.

Shilo also wears a gold cameo necklace ((the cameo is white on black)) on a gold chain.

Photo Source:: Most from Twistomatic,
some google images

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Anonymous said...

I adore Shilo's style, too. And this happens to be my favorite outfit of hers! I've been looking all over for a dress like that...do you know of any? Not crazy expensive, of course.