Tank Girl's 40 Watt Outfit (Movie)

 "In 2033, justice rides a tank 
and wears lip gloss!"

Oh Tank Girl. Where do I begin? I own the first two books, and I've seen the movie only 90 billion times, and I love them all!

Surfing the Tank
My favourite outfit is the 40 Watt Club one! 

I've always wanted a pair of vertical fat-striped pants! This is why!

Here's the original comic-cell this outfit was derived from:

In the movie she wears a white cropped t-shirt with "40 Watt Club" written across it. This shirt is so easy to duplicate! Just download a font from here ((scroll down)), open up photoshop/paint/word and type up the slogan and hey presto, insta-stencil! You could also just copy the photo below, crop it so you can just see the words and print it, using that as a font

The baseball socks are easy enough to get, just get mis-matching ones!

The pants are silve and black striped with a zip fly. They look to be made out of lycra perhaps? You could sew strips of black and silver lycra together to make the striped effect, add a facing and a zipper at the front and voila! They don't even have a hem!

 And this... is not roadkill. It's a hat. At first I thought it was one of those russian-style earflap hats, but it actually looks like it has a faux-scalp to it. It's made to look like it's the top of a shaved head? Therefore the random dredlocked extensions from it. It's made up of an incredibly faded bandana and bits of leaather.

Actually looking even closer there is an ear flap, so it must just be old teddy-bear fleecey-fur type stuff on the top and on the ears, with a leather band around the head and on the earflaps ((to be a chinstrap)) Then a faded bandanna is attached around it ((You could do this seperately, or stitch the bandanna to the hat))

The Jacket is a bit frankensteined. The front looks like the front panels of a faded denim or a suede jacket. The side-panels are a cream mesh/textured fabric, you could just stitch them on over the front pieces, instead of adding bits. Cut the fronts off the denim/suede jacket, cutting the armholes a little deeper than normal. The back looks like the stuff gangsta jackets are made out of. LOL. You know that horrible synthetic stuff? Like a thin version of that. It has two darts at the back neck. The bottom of the back looks like a different coloured faded denim, you coud just hack up some old jeans, using the bottom of the leg.

The sleeves are made from the same fabric as the back. Just cut them above and below the elbow, reattaching them so that the top part of the fabric overlaps the second. The top of the sleeve has two parts. You can use the scraps leftover from the piece you used for the bottom of the back to make tiny cap sleeves for the top. Then a stained yucky t-shirt ((originally stained or made for this!)) can be chopped up tomake the second part of the sleeves. Fray and pick at the bottom of this sleeve part to make it distressed. Sew this bit over the main sleeves, then attach both pieces to the upper sleeve and then attach to the armhole!

The cuffs on the sleevs are taken from a college-style jumper, or anything with ribbed cuffs with a stripe through it.

Add d-rings to the shoulders, and big fat studs along the front of the armholes.

The boots were custom made for the movie, more info can be found here. Basically there's only 4 in existance, and they're pretty rad. There is a link on that site that takes you to TUK boots of a pair sort of similar.

The Little Things
In this scene, Tank Girl wears red nailpolish with this outfit ((Well in the promo pic anyway)). She also has random bandaids on her fingers and one on her cheek. You could shave your head if you re-heally wanted to, or just pile it up under the hat, leaving a few tiny plaits to hang out.

Tank Girl also has a scratched up knee. Just cut a chunk out of the pants, leaving some fabric hanging free.  Use some red and a bit of black and brown paint to paint the fabric so it looks like dried up blood. Paint your knee the same. You could also use toilet paper soaked in PVA glue to make little cuts and grazes. Roll the tp up and stick it to your knee in random shapes. Leave to dry then cover in foundation so it's a skin colour, then paint away! A little fake blood dripped all over it adds to it, especially if you leave some dribble down.


Sarrah aka Sashi said...

I love your new blog! I am adding it to my daily lurk list. :)

I'm not sure if it is the same 40 Watt Club but there is a place called that in Athens, Georgia on this side of the world (in the U.S.). Bands like R.E.M. got their start there. :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing! I live a few blocks from there.

Jade Graham said...

I've always wanted a pair of vertical fat-striped pants! This is why! cheap ticket to pakistan

Mutawalli Khairut Tamam said...

thanks for the tips, I wish to be practiced in Indonesia: D
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