Red Hood//Jason Todd Costume

So here we go. The first in a long list of costumes I'll be making for Supanova!

Tim will be going as Red Hood, specifically the Jason Todd incarnation of it. If you don't know much about the Batman universe, then watching Batman: Under The Red Hood is an amazing movie. Not only is Batman so amazing in it, and you really see WHY he doesn't kill people, why he is a bit of a vigilante; you also get to see an AWESOME Joker [seriously my favourite. very messed up. very funny!] and there's also a bit of Nightwing [we'll get to him later] and the most important character in the movie, Red Hood ie Jason Todd as in the second Robin Batman ever had.

He is voiced by Jensen Ackles and yeh, he's a freaking BABE. Ugh. Love Love. Yeh I watch this movie about once a week, honestly!

About Red Hood
He's the second Robin Batman ever had, his name was Jason Todd and he was from the wrong side of the tracks! He met Batman because he was trying to steal the tyres off the Batmobile!! Long story short he becomes the second robin, but he was always a little too aggressive, a little too reckless and unpredictable. Which makes him awesome!

Anyway Jason kinda gets out of control, the Joker gets to him and kills him. Yep. Batman gets a new Robin {har har his name is Tim. this is amusing because EVERYONE in my life is named Tim} and tries to get over Jason's death. Little does ol Bats know that Jason comes back to life and is very very mad, believing his death was never avenged. Joker is still alive, Batman never killed him even though the Joker killed his Robin!

So Jason takes on the mantle of the Red Hood and starts being quite the vigilante. He's a brat, he has some great lines and he's just AWESOME.

This is my favourite panel EVER. Jason Todd in the middle beating up the first and third Robins.


Pretty easy! Which is why we chose it for Tim. Jason Todd's Red Hood wears a black motorcycle jacket, grey jeans, black militaryboots, black gloves, white [sometimes grey] tee and a... wait for it... a RED HOOD!

Adorable Figurine ^__^
So Basically we're going to steal one of my father's motorcycle jackets. Really awesome ones retail for about $200, but any black leather-look jacket would do fine because it does change depending on what version of Red Hood you are doing.

While searching for better views of the hood and costume in general, I found this AWESOME guy dressed up as Red Hood!

Pretty Amazo hey!

It's great to see those two pics because you can see better how the costume translates into real life!

So my plan is as follows!

Going to go op-shopping for grey labourers pants sort of things. I saw a few today but they weren't what I had in mind and I know I can find them somewhere. Tim can wear his black Doc Martens, with teh pants tucked in [lol he's going to love that].

Like I said earlier we'll use on of my dad's leather motorbike jackets and we can easily pick up a grey or a white plain tee also at the op-shops.

The only construction I'll really need to do is the hood and the holster around his thigh.

We'll also be painting on a mask over Tim's eyes if he ever needs to take his hood for, oh I dunno, eating or something. In the comics his mask is red, in the movie it is black so we'll just go with whatever we have [probably black due to my costume]

Bad. Ass.
The Hood is going to be the most fun! I'm going to use red lycra so Tim can breath easier and I'll be using THIS tutorial. I'll make a mock-up first, then try it on Tim, marking the eyeholes and the two seams down the front like in the movie [I think that's the version we'll be going for] Then I can cut teh mock-up apart and use it as a pattern.

Unlike the costumed guy above, I'm going to try and do the eyeholes a bit better! I'm going to use a white mesh with black around the outside of it so Mr. Red Hood can see.

 Oh yah and we'll have to find some toy/replica guns for pretty much all of us!

Hopefully we'll be able to whip this costume up before the weekend and take some shots!

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Jenny said...

Oh. my. god. I totally hated Jason when I started reading Batman comics, but now I love him and wish he'd turn up more (I'm in Germany, so the comics are published with a delay and some aren't available here, so I may not be up to date!). Can't wait to see the costume!