Harley Quinn, Pleased t' meet ya!

I realised I have neglected to put up my full costume on this blog! Well here's the result of my Harley Quinn costume adventures in March!

It was so much fun. I'd only lost a little bit of weight and I am a lot thinner now, but I still felt confident in this body hugging spandex!

Hit the jump below to see more pics!

On the first day I only found one Joker, and he was stoked to see me :D. Also this ten year old boy walked past me and when, "Hell Yeh Harley Quinn" and gave me a high five. I was just like, "Parents, you are raising these kids right!"

The shoes, although they were just leather soles, stood up to two days walking around on cement and carpet, and they didn't have a scuff on them!

After day one, I put my pic up on tumblr and THE Harley Quinn, Elise Archer, contacted me so we met up on the second day!

I flipped out you can well imagine. She was my inspiration and her website Harley's Haven is the most amazing and informative Harley fansite out there!

Her suit was created by the same woman who I bought the pattern for my suit. I sussed out Elise's costume majorly, and even though I was really pleased with mine, I know now some ways to improve it!

Stalking another Harley

Chillin' with Jason Vorhees

Swooning over a Predator ^_^

With the 501st! Little Monster FLIPPED OUT. He was so excited to see life-size stormtroopers! He got to hold one of the blasters too :)

Scaring children

With R5 K6

And this is what I looked like with my make-up off but my blue contacts still in!

I had a blast being Harley! I still need to buy good quality white pancake make-up for my face, and practice my old gymnastics routines to be a kickass Harley, but for the moment I'm quite happy with the costume. Now I have a million more ideas of different characters! Once you 'cosplay' as something, it's hard to stop!


Anonymous said...

Yay,looks amazing!

Kate said...

you look unbelievable!!! great job!!

Frances said...

These kinds of Harley Quinn costumes at BuyCostumes would certainly have that scare-factor to frighten kids!

Lyosha said...

awesome job!

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