SupaNova the Sequel!

We'd known there was a second SupaNova this year, in November, but we thought it was just the Madman Cosplay Competition. We were going to go to watch, but not compete or dress up too much or anything.

Until yesterday.

I found out that the second SupaNova was in fact another full blown comic convention! Christopher Lloyd was supposed to come earlier this year but had cancelled. Apparently he organised it so he would come this November. GREAT SCOTT!

You can find out all the details on the Supanova website, but basically it's November 4-6 for us Brisbane kids.

Do you know what this means?

A frantic month an a half of costume making! I will not be redonning my Harley suit, I want to mix it up, but one of my best friends will be wearing it!

Crazed text messages were sent yesterday and most of the afternoon and evening was spent organising who was going to be what and when. I'm very happy that this time a lot of my friends have decided to join in the fun of dressing up!

Coming up over October will be posts on the ideas and progress we make on our costumes. I'm joined on this blog now my friend Emily, so I'm looking forward to seeing her posts too!

Click the jump below for a quick write up of who we'll be going as!

I'll be going as Mera, Queen of Atlantis! I bought the wig last night, so I should be getting that in about a month. I'm buying the fabric for the suit after my sister's wedding on the 30th September [I still have priorities as excited as I may be!]

I'm trying to convince my sister to go as Siren, Mera's 'evil' twin sister. It would be awesome but I'm not going to force Betty into going as someone she doesn't even know! [but seriously. how cool would that be?]

My friend Emily is going to go as Starling, a brand new character in the DC universe as part of the new 52 relaunch. She's one of the characters in the new Birds of Prey and she looks so damn cool!

Because she's going as Starling, my other costume is going to be Black Canary! She usually looks like this

But in the reboot she's more protected with armour and padding on her shoulders so since Em is Starling from the relaunch, I'll probably be this version of Black Canary:

As you can see there are two other Birds of Prey members in this first issue, Poison Ivy and Katana! Our friend Annie has wanted to be Poison Ivy since I started planning on being Harley Quinn, so she got first dibs on it! Now to convince my sister to be Katana as well :P

My Harley Quinn suit is not going to waste! My friend Jemma is going to be donning the suit! Her fiance Chris is going to be one of Harley's henchmen from the first comic I ever bought EVER.

And my husband Tim was GOING to be Aquaman, but seriously. Ugh.Tim was being such a pain in the butt and so damn picky over the fabric I was looking at. He didn't want gold he wanted orange. Then he was okay with gold but not shiny. Oh my goodness. lol.

Instead Tim decided to be Tomar Re, one of his favourite Green Lanterns [He's not solid enough to be Kilowog]. We've bought the head already, off eBay. Can't wait for it to arrive!

I think that's everyone so far!

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Kate said...

cant wait to see the costume progress over the next couple of months!!